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    Ekasi Prime Investments (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned Business recently established to produce products that are a necessity to people living in areas where having a meal is not a luxury.

    Our first product offering is supplying freshly baked, quality bread on a daily basis. By not having large corporate overheads, our production costs are at levels whereby we can supply the bread at very competitive rates.

    Our aim is to earn an enviable reputation for delivering consistent service, good quality products at reasonable costs.

    Our business being located just off Main Reef Road, gives us easy access to supply our bread to the masses living in the nearby towns.

    In addition, our business allows us to create jobs for individuals living in the nearby areas.

    Who We Are


    Trevor Arumugam
    Finance Executive

    Jenny Arumugam

    Contact Us

    email: info@ekasi-prime.com
    phone: +2782 807 0968
    address: 111 Westar Park
    Reducktor Road
    Stormill Ext. 2